Holy Week

4-14 April
4-14 April

Easter Week in Plasencia combines devotion and faith through popular religiosity, tradition, diversity and colour in every corner of this municipality in Cáceres, where this marvellous Easter Week is one of the greatest and most authentic tourist attractions with the processions of eleven Brotherhoods and Penitential Brotherhoods.

These days, the brotherhoods are nervously and emotionally finalising their preparations for another year’s representation of the Passion, Death and Resurrection of Christ through the streets of the historic centre of Plasencia, where around 6,000 penitents accompany the titular images of their brotherhoods on Palm Sunday and Easter Sunday.

Easter Week in Plasencia is, in its own right, one of the main exhibitions of religious imagery in Extremadura. It is an event that straddles the religious and the purely artistic, providing believers with a reason for reflection, and others with the unique opportunity to see the streets walked through by images that rest in museums, churches and convents throughout the year.

The reason why the residents of the town of Jerte feel so strongly about Easter Week is because they all know that this celebration must be seen and experienced.

The main characteristics of Easter Week in Plasencia are identical to those of other cities, since they all start from the same tradition, but over time they have endowed this holy tradition with new points that arouse the faith and devotion of its people, as well as that of the thousands of tourists who visit the city of Jerte on these dates.

As in the rest of Spain, Holy Week in Pláceres spreads out its brotherhoods throughout the week, with the stations of penitence extending from Palm Sunday to Easter Sunday.