Tourist attractions  // San Lázaro Bridge
Puente San Lázaro
  • Río Jerte Avenue

Outside the walls of the historic centre of Plasencia and over the waters of the river Jerte, we find the bridge of San Lázaro, next to the chapel of the same name. It was built in the 16th century in the Gothic style and is considered to be the oldest bridge in Plasencia.

This platform has a double slope and is made up of seven spans that were originally pointed, especially the central ones, which were lowered in successive repairs. Likewise, the ashlars of the arches were replaced by slate.

The landscape that can be seen when crossing the bridge of San Lázaro has spectacular views, full of nature, reflecting a certain part of the town’s history. It was the only stone bridge in the city and after a flood, it has been rebuilt until the present day, which remains as one of the many icons of the municipality of Plasencia.

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