La Muralla *

  • C. Berrozana, 6
  • 927 413 874


The old shepherds’ houses have been transformed to accommodate travellers who love nature and animals, where they can enjoy, care for and share natural spaces and their different experiences. The house is located in the pastures of Extremadura, in an extensive livestock farm making it present to the visitor and close to a reservoir, being able to observe from the living room the different species of waterfowl depending on the time of year. From the house itself, you can go for walks among the surrounding hills, sit and chat on the banks of the reservoir, go for a bike ride under the holm oaks, or simply relax and watch the time go by. Cruces de Caminos is located where the roads that run north to south and east to west through the north of Extremadura meet, 8 km from the city of Plasencia.