Grill Restaurant El horno de Raquel

  • Ctra. Trujillo, 23, 10600 Plasencia España
  • 608 64 05 27


Traditional rotisserie with a modern touch, specialising in wood-fired roasts, with a selection of the best cuts of grilled meat.

Specialising in suckling pig and lamb. All their oven and grilled products are prepared with the traditional flavour of the wood of the holm oak of our Extremaduran pastures.

Its rotisserie chefs prepare, in full view of the customer, a dozen dishes cooked in a wood-fired oven and grill, which allows for a traditional preparation as it was done in the kitchen of our ancestors. Roast lamb, suckling pig and premium grilled beef, accompanied by a select cellar of red wines, and rich homemade desserts.