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La Rana Park

  • Av. Juan Carlos I, 17
  • Open 24 hours
  • Free

Starts the park belt in the south, from the Torre Lucia and the city centre to the Avenida Cañada Real. It is a small park in which stands the monument to the fallen that was rededicated to the fallen in all wars.

It stands on what were the ruins of the old castle or Alcázar of the city whose ashlars were used to make the support of land and the difference in height with the Avenida La Salle and surrounding streets.

Although all the people of Pláceres know this place as “the park of the Frog” because of the fountain closest to the Gabriel y Galán park where the water gushes from the mouth of a “Frog” of the kind used in the traditional game.

Amongst its constructions there is a pergola, as well as various stone-covered huts used to maintain the irrigation system and some care tools, and there are children’s games. In an attempt to improve the impermeability of the ground, it was covered with “Albero” sand like a bullring, but this type of earth did not withstand the onslaught of the wind and passers-by.

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