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Conference Centre

  • Calle Luis Vélez de Guevara, 3
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  • 676 84 49 16

The Plasencia Conference Centre, designed by architects José Selgas and Lucía Cano, is the hallmark of modernity in the city of Jerte. It is structured around a 700-seat auditorium surrounded by numerous rooms for multiple uses.

The building is set in the Berroqueño landscape of the dehesa placentina. Situated on the border between the countryside and the city, it rests lightly on the landscape, occupying a minimum of its almost rural plot. The building is accessed from the neighbouring street, raised more than 17 metres above the lowest part of the building. From here, an orange-coloured walkway – which presents spectacular views of the surrounding landscape – leads visitors through a large doorway into the entrance hall.

Many have nicknamed it “the ship”, because of the polyurethane cover that envelops it and lights up at night, attracting all eyes. Throughout the year it hosts different events and fairs, some of them periodically, such as the Gumyparty dedicated to the world of manga, coldsplay and video games. 

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