Convent of La Encarnación

  • Sta. Clara Street, 2
  • Monday to Sunday: 19:00 - 20:00
  • 927 41 15 41

Monasterio de la Encarnación, the original nucleus of the convent, was the ancestral home of the Archdeacon of Medellín, Gabriel Pizarro (1573). The Holy Office of the Inquisition had been interested in installing the tribunal here, but the brothers Pedro and Martín de la Mota (1579) bought the house to convert it into a monastery for nuns of the Order of Saint Dominic (1585).

The Convento de la Encarnación, of the Dominican nuns, extends on both sides of Calle Talavera and Calle Encarnación, joined by an overhanging passageway. In recent times its façade has been restored, including the coat of arms of the Zúñiga family.

Currently the only cloistered convent still active in the city of Plasencia, the cloistered nuns manage to maintain their small community by selling handmade sweets, which are sold on a lathe in Calle de la Encarnación, at the back of the convent. The mantecados and handmade chocolates stand out. 

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