Foto del exterior de la Catedral

Plasencia is also one of the few SPAs within an urban area. The reason for declaring it a special bird protection area is due to the colonies of Lesser Kestrels that have settled in several of the city’s historic buildings to breed. It is very easy to observe the flights and siftings of this small falcon. The vast majority of urban birds that live here find these buildings to be perfect “stone moles” for nesting.


The PIO point of the Cathedral can be visited from December when the White Storks start to arrive. It is in March when the Lesser Kestrels begin to arrive at their nesting sites. Birdwatching is interesting until the end of summer.


This place is interesting to visit both in the morning and at dusk, where we can observe the arrival of the small falcons, the lesser kestrels, and the flight of the storks.


In the PIO of the Cathedral, we can observe the colony of Lesser Kestrels, White Storks, Jackdaws, Ravens, House Sparrows, Black Redstarts, Common Swifts, House Martin, Barn Swallows…

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